Being me despite what people think
Rosalie, Rose, or Ro. Whichever you prefer.
Norfolk, VA
MtF Transgender.
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18. October 2011

10) What are some of your fears in regards to being trans

I have so many fears that have to do with just being trans. I’m afraid of losing people close to me just because they might not agree with my decision. People like my family, mostly, I know all my close friends are okay with it. I’m afraid of being alone relationship wise because of it. I’d been best friends with this one girl for 3 years, we’d talk non stop, and I’d always had strong feeling for her, and I can honestly say I loved, and still do, love her. We ended up dating, and she ended up breaking up with me and not really ever talking to me since because I’m trans. I’m afraid of being the victim of a hate crime. I’m afraid of losing a job, or being unable to even get a job because I’m trans. Most of all, though, I’m afraid that once I do get further into transitioning, I’ll always be stuck looking extremely masculine, no matter what I do about it. That I’ll always be stuck in this masculine shell, and never be anything but that when people see me. That I’m never going to pass, no matter how hard I try.